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Real healing for psoriasis, alopecia areata and exzema
in Moscow and Makhachkala

psoriasis psoriasis psoriasis

Without hormones, ointments, diets and medicines

The result can be different and depends
on the characteristics of the organism

The method of treatment

We are often asked about the details of the APSORI treatment, which does not need any diet, drugs, ointments and laser applications. Typically, the patient is difficult to understand our methodology by the description, because there are no analogues of this treatment in the world yet. Since this issue is relevant to the patients, we will try to describe the process as clearly as possible.

The procedure is always performed only on the back of the patient, no matter where the psoriasis is located. It must be noted that this is not the bloodletting or Chinese medicine.

The specialist gets from the patient's skin certain thread influencing on psoriasis and eczema. Discovery of these threads is the important part of the procedure. Healer uses the local anesthesia for removing the threads. Then these threads are extracted from the skin with a needle and tweezers. Next, the place of the extraction is processed by the ointment made of natural ingredients.

Please note that the first procedure exacerbates psoriasis and exzema, and this is a good sign. In our experience, the patients experiencing an exacerbation, have a very high chance to recover completely.

For females, who feel incommodity to come to the treatment, we emphasize that the procedure is carried out in a sitting position and you need to open only a portion of the back. You can open the back alone. We welcome if you come to the reception with a relative or a friend. See more - in the section "FAQ".

This technique differs from other methods of the world, becouse the aim is not the temporary relief of symptoms (month, season, year), the aim is the permanent recovery

The course of treatment:

The course of treatment is 5 - 10 treatments. The first 4 procedures are performed once a month. Follow-up procedures - every two months. The course lasts an average from six months to a year.

The procedure takes 40 - 60 min.

Reviews of the patients (translated from Russian)

This is Amina. About plaques, I have almost all of them gone, except the knees and the elbows.


Good afternoon. My name is Diana. I want to tell you about the treatment of my psoriasis. Six months ago I found I had psoriasis. To my great happiness, I met someone who told me that there is a healer in Dagestan, which cures the psoriasis forever. Not even thinking for a minute, I called to Shamil Barkuev. He starts to carry out the Apsori procedure, after which each time the psoriasis started to go away. And now, after the fourth procedure, it is possible to say that this disease is already gone.


Thank you very much. You just can not imagine how grateful I am!


Salamaleikum, Shamil. I had the procedure at the 11th, I have eczema. The next day after the procedure mu hands scratched flushed for a half of the day and then the process was reversed. The swelling subsided, my skin stopped to dry hard and peel off. The cracks were closed almost everywhre. Now the condition of my hands is better and stable.

Nazira, Kyrgyzstan, 18 y. o.

I had psoriasis! This diagnosis was given to me two years ago. I was treated by one doctor… it is temporarily gone… but came back. Then I heard about you and your treatment… I went to you, and after the first procedure hte psoriasis was gone! I had the result immediately! And there is one more procedure (third) to do. Thank you! And I wish health to your hands!


802f87ba-865d-4d45-93c2-20e572357af2Hello . I want to say a big thank you to Shamil because he cured me from this disease. I did 3 treatments, after the latter one I have no marks of psoriasis. My advice for everyone????????


The modern medicine does not treat psoriasis, but my aunt had psoriasis and when I saw this photo I immediately recalled how she was cured. She was 17 years old, 40 years ago. She says «I was so embarrassed in front of my husband with these hands», and she went to one old woman, who pulled from her back some long thread, and after that the disease never appeared again. And judging by the photos this is that treatment. My mom has the same thing, and we could not find such person who will pull this thread. Now I’m happy to tell my mother that the doctor is found.


Screenshot_5As Salamu alaikum, brother, this is Aziz from Khanty-Mansiysk. After the second procedure my skin has improved Alhamdulillah. My nails were peeled off earlier, now all the fingers are fine.

Asya’s mom

I want to thank you for being with us (parents) fighting for Asya, despite the absence as yet of a positive result, I believe that by the will of God and with your help, Asya will recover.

Habib’s father

In the first place praise to God for what we learned about Shamil, and with the help of Allah he cured our son. As the doctors said the psoriasis was incurable and we didn’t know what to do. After the first procedure there were complications, and after 2nd and 3rd treatments the improving began. Also another advise to contact Shamil who suffers from psoriasis, give Allagi all health and patience Salem VA.

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