We are often asked about the details of the Apsori treatment, which does not need any diet, drugs, ointments and laser applications. Typically, the patient is difficult to understand our methodology, because analogues of this treatment in the world do not exist yet. Yet, since this issue is important for our patients, we will try to describe the process as clearly as possible.

If the patient was treated by hormonal drugs, he/she can be treated by the method Apsori only after 5-6 months without taking these drugs.

The procedure is always performed only on the back of the patient, no matter where the psoriasis is located.
It must be noted that this is not the bloodletting or Chinese medicine.

For the females, who are not comfortable to come to the treatment, we emphasize that the procedure is carried out in a sitting position and you need to open only a portion of your back. We welcome if you come to the reception with a relative or a friend. See more — in the section «FAQ».

The specialist gets psoriasis threads from the patient’s skin. Discovery of these threads is the important part of the procedure. Before removing the threads the healer uses the local anesthesia. After that these threads are extracted from the skin with needle and tweezers. The place of the extraction is processed by the ointment made of natural ingredients.

Please note that the first procedure exacerbates psoriasis and exzema, and this is a good sign. In our experience, the patients experiencing an exacerbation, have a very high chance to recover completely.

The course of treatment:

The course of treatment is 5 — 10 treatments. The first 4 procedures are performed once a month. Follow-up procedures — every two months. The course lasts an average from six months to a year.

The procedure takes 40 — 60 min.