Another former patient in Moscow who defeated psoriasis.

After the first procedure this patient had a strong aggravation. But then the recovering started amazingly fastly. Congratulations to this new patient with getting rid of the disease, which gave her much discomfort in personal life and at work.

Mohammed, 52. In this state, after the Moscow treatment he began the Apsori therapy. In addition to the aesthetic discomfort he felt pain in hands, legs, it was hard to walk. Shooting done before Mohammed came to me and after he had the procedure. Mohammed appealed to different specialists for 15 years, but didn’t have any significant relief. This way Mohammed looks now. About 6 months once in 1 month he comes to the procedure.

My Facebook friend advised her elderly neighbor who was suffering from psoriasis to contact me. Elena N. came to the 9th procedure and she’s got such a stunning result.

Today Ahmed came for third procedure. Look at his results! It is the result of treatment after two procedures. It was so nice to see the smile of a patient. It is very important for me, especially if I know that people suffered for 20 years with this disease. Good luck, Ahmed, and speedy full recovery!

The effect after the second procedure

After the third treatment psoriasis left. Only dark spots, which will soon disappear