Psoriasis and the change of the season: «Why do you always wear long sleeves?»

12 апреля, 2017

psoriazis_autumnWhen a person has psoriasis, he or she often likes autumn because in autumn you can walk in the closed clothes and plaques are hidden under clothing. And in the summer it is not always possible to hide psoriasis, especially in the heat.

There are likely people who suffer from psoriasis among your friends or relatives, too. Our patients are often nervous because of the unpleasant skin condition with psoriasis. But this is not the only problem. They also suffer from itching, flaking and protruding bloody spots. The change of the season or stress often cause an exacerbation of this skin disease. Usually exacerbations occur in autumn and winter.

Now you can tell your friends that psoriasis can be cured forever.

We can now begin the treatment of psoriasis, which will help them.

Yours faithfully,
Shamil Barkuev