Doors to the house of Apsori

20 апреля, 2017

Everyone who suffers from psoriasis associates this disease with constant itching and discomfort.

There are many locations of psoriasis on the body: on the chest, on the eyelids, etc. When people do not know yet how this disease can be treated, they go through all five stages of mourning, which psychologists often describe.

First. Denial. «What, forever? Will it always be itchy? And will it only get worse? No, no, it’s not going to happen with me) »

Second. Anger. «These doctors do not understand anything! Loafers!! This is unfair!!! »

Stage third: Bidding. Some patients with psoriasis well illustrate this condition. They think that psoriasis could be prevented and that they themselves are to blame for getting sick. Advise members of their families to abandon allergens and even clothes are offered to be washed without washing powder. So that no one else is affected by this ailment.

And then goes the fourth — Depression and fifth — Acceptance. A person takes in his heart the fact that he can not change his state. He does not longer believe that he can be cured of psoriasis, because official medicine does not cure this disease. These are these people who are already convinced that a complete cure for psoriasis is nonsense.

Apsori has a main principle: incurable diseases do not exist and for every disease there is a method of treatment. This principle is taken from Islamic values. This principle was followed by all Muslim healers of antiquity, who gave a strong development to medicine. Perhaps such a view of the disease contributed to the amazing discoveries of medieval Muslims in medical science, whose works are used today in modern traditional medicine.

The doors of Apsori are open to everyone who believes in victory over their psoriasis. Let’s solve your problem together, so that it disappears and you no longer remember it. Join Apsori, to people who have won psoriasis by the will of God.