Psoriasis in skin folds: how to live comfortably without hormonal creams

22 апреля, 2017

For successfully Apsori treatment, the patient should not take hormonal drugs for 5-6 months. How can you make your life with psoriasis easier for this period? After all, hormonal ointments soften the symptoms of psoriasis significantly. We’ll tell how to take care of your skin without hormonal drugs.

If someone has psoriasis in the area of ​​skin folds (in the groin, under the arms, under the breast), the good ventilation is required. Also it is necessary to minimize friction from clothing in these places. Otherwise, sweating and rubbing can provoke more and more exacerbations of psoriasis.

Wear loose clothing and cotton linen (or a mixture of cotton and polyester). Brassieres on bones should be replaced by knitted bras. Take a closer look at the models created for professional sports in fabric, which is designed to drain moisture.

Tight panties should be replaced by loose ones. Wear more loose clothing, for example, long, wide skirts or jeans. Take care of your comfort.

Even with these recommendations, the skin in the folds almost does not interact with the air, which means that microorganisms can develop there. To avoid infections, take the rule once a day to wash such places on your body, and then wipe dry.