One of the richest people in the US could not get rid of psoriasis

21 мая, 2017

spears-psoriasisJohn Rockefeller — one of the richest people — suffered from psoriasis. However, doctors could not cure him. Nevertheless, he instituted a special award to someone who finds the cure for psoriasis. The prize was never awarded. We will tell you a little bit about John Rockefeller, who earned billions from scratch and lived almost 100 years.

America is a country of emigrants, and the ancestors of John Rockefeller were no exception. They had to flee in the XVII century from their native France. They were persecuted because of their religion — they were Huguenots in a Catholic country. First they fled to Germany, and the Atlantic crossed another 100 years later.

John Rockefeller’s grandfather with his wife and children were ordinary workers. They settled in a small town called New York, where their famous grandson was born. John’s father was a fraud and a drunkard, but his mother was a religious woman. She prayed earnestly that John would have her character, not his father’s.

She had what she asked for: John Rockefeller grew up an ascetic man: he did not drink, did not smoke, and did not spend time with available women. From the very childhood, he studied hard.

Since the very young age he already landed money to his neighbors. The starting capital of young John was 1000 dollars, which at 10% he was lent to his own father. Soon there was an oil boom, and his story of success began …

Those who read these lines are more fortunate than John Rockefeller. During his lifetime, the knowledge of the healers of the Caucasus did not reach him and he did not have the opportunity to recover from his illness by the method of Apsori.