Someone of your friends may suffer from psoriasis, without telling anyone

15 июня, 2017

child_psoriasisYes. A person may be near you — a colleague, a neighbor, a friend — and you may not even assume that he or she suffers from psoriasis. A lot of people try to hide this disease.

The boy is 14 years old. I was surprised to find out when he came to the first procedure, that his own father does not know about his disease. The boy’s mother tried to ‘protect his father’s peace’ and did not talk about it.

The mentality of the descendants of the mountaineers of the Caucasus implies that there is a strict subordination between the father and sons in some families. It may even lead to the ignorance about some problems related to the health of children.

Now the boy came to the third procedure (possibly the last one for him) without having any manifestations of the psoriasis. The first procedure gave a strong aggravation. After the second procedure, dramatic changes occurred.

The boy was lucky that his mother found out about the Apsori method in time. The main thing is to believe and not give up! The doors of Apsori are open to everyone.