The aggravation of psoriasis after the first Apsori procedure is a good sign

18 июня, 2017

psoriasisAlmost all patients who are treated by me, have an exacerbation that is caused by the first few Apsori procedures. This is an indispensable stage in the Apsori method on the road to recovery.

At the same time exacerbation of psoriasis after the first procedures is a very good sign for the patient. It signals that the probability of the full recovery is very high. In general, if there is no exacerbation after few procedures, the chances for recovery are very low, and I refuse to continue treatment if the picture does not change after 4-5 procedures (if there is no aggravation or improvement).

The stage of the exacerbation after the first procedures (often it happens only after the first procedure) is immediately replaced by the stage of improvement. The stage of improvement in some of cases advanced before the second procedure, and in other cases the aggravation can continue until the third procedure.

Exacerbation during treatment can manifest not only after the first procedures, but also 1 to 2 times in the middle and / or at the end of treatment. As discussed above, after exacerbation immediately comes the stage of improvement. Someone for complete recovery has only one «wave», someone — two or three.

So, the aggravation after the first procedures allows us to say with high accuracy that Apsori method is good for you. And the more aggravation occurs, the sooner the recovery comes.

I am always glad to see the exacerbation after the first procedures, although this is not an easy period for my patient. I’m glad, because it’s a good sign that he will recover.

Yours faithfully,
Shamil Barkuev